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ETS Affiliates

ETS Affiliates Information PageETS are proud to work closely with some of the industry’s leading professional bodies and training centres. We work in partnership with our Affiliates by providing online courses and training resources to support the quality services they offer. If you would like to see how your training centre may be able to benefit from becoming an ETS Affiliate, please go to our Affiliate Information page. We would be delighted to work with you to support your business and your students.

We value our Affiliates and want to share their expertise with you. Please find below details of many of our affiliates and the services they offer.



Customer Service
02380 684500

Profile :
VTCT is a regulated awarding organisation, offering vocational qualifications in Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing, Holistic Therapies and Sports & Active Leisure. Qualifications are undertaken at over 500 Colleges of Further Education and Private Training Centres throughout the United Kingdom. National Occupational Standards are met in the development of all new qualifications written for the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) in the United Kingdom. VTCT qualifications are recognised though the European Qualification Framework (ECF), enabling learners to practice in Europe and beyond. To expand the company’s offer, a suite of hospitality and catering qualifications will be accredited for delivery from September 2012.

Comments :
VTCT has worked with ETS to pilot on-line delivery of knowledge based qualifications such as anatomy and physiology. ETS have always had a professional approach to delivery this way and are committed to ensuring their systems do not compromise quality of delivery for their students.


Federation of Holistic Therapists

02380 624350

Profile :
The Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) is the UK and Ireland’s largest professional association for multi-disciplined complementary, holistic beauty and sports therapists. Founded in 1962, the FHT is a not-for-profit organisation and has been promoting the highest standards in education and therapy practice for 50 years. No other professional association has influenced the acceptance of complementary, beauty and sports therapies in the UK more than the FHT. It is recognised by the industry's regulatory and governing bodies, as well as the general public, as being a mark of professional excellence. Membership benefits  include access to high-quality insurance policies, tailor-made for therapists;  a free members’ helpline; copies of International Therapist journal; discounted continued professional development opportunities; and special member discounts from leading suppliers.

Comments :
ETS impressed us with their efficient and professional manner which has not only inspired confidence in the FHT, but in our members who are provided with excellent service through their accredited courses and online training programmes.



Association of Reflexologists

Jo Greenslade
01823 351010

Profile :
The Association of Reflexologists is the foremost aspirational and independent Professional Association for reflexology in the UK.  The letters MAR (member), FMAR (fellow) and HMAR (honorary) after a therapist’s name denotes their membership status – a sign of assurance that they have met the strictest standards of reflexology practice, that they are committed to continually developing their skills and knowledge, together with a commitment to adhering to the Association’s Code of Conduct and Practice.

Comments :
We have a strong relationship with ETS, including commissioning specific e-learning modules from them. Throughout the relationship, we have found them exceptionally helpful and professional - an ideal partner to work with. Carolyn Story, Chief Executive, Association of Reflexologists.


The Bowen Association UK

The Bowen Association UK
01205 319100

Profile :
The Bowen Association UK provides technical and practical support for Bowen therapists and their clients and a practitioner referral service for the general public. It works to increase awareness of the Bowen Technique to the general public and health professionals and liaises with government agencies at the forefront of legislation regarding the industry.

They also

Comments :
The BOWEN ASSOCIATION UK is delighted to be associated with ETS and to have available to it’s members the range of professional training opportunities on offer by them.



Bowen Training UK

Lorna Drury
0800 4332885 / 07885 990201

Profile :
Bowen Training UK offers a unique opportunity to learn with the original pioneers of the Bowen Technique and join an international network of practitioners that is influencing healthcare in nearly every European country and world wide. Bowen Training UK, affiliated with Bowtech, is the only college to have extensive support throughout the world with an estimated 20,000 practitioners currently taught and over 90 accredited teachers. Only Bowtech gives access to the full range of procedures documented by Oswald Rentsch directly from Tom Bowen himself.

Comments :
ETS provide us with Anatomy & Physiology courses that meet the high standards we set for our students.



Amatsu Training School

Jane Langston
07890 437940

Profile :
Established in 2005, The Amatsu Training School is the largest training provider for Amatsu therapy in the UK, offering quality part-time training at Anma, Seitai and Shinden levels (first, second and third year), It is affiliated to the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine and Amatsu Therapy International (UK), and based in the South of the UK in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire, and in the North of the UK in Doncaster, South Yorkshire. The Amatsu Training School was proud to receive the "Best Complementary Medicine Company Award" in 2012 from the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine. Collectively our teachers have over 40 years of experience, and all run busy established Amatsu clinics.

Comments :
The Amatsu Training School has been impressed with the quality of anatomy and physiology courses provided by ETS, and uses ETS as its recommended course provider for anatomy and physiology. We look forward to a long working relationship with ETS.


American Bowen Academy

Sue Rutter-Director

Profile :
American Bowen Academy is the only internationally recognized organization in the U.S. that offers certification training for Bowen Practitioners.


Ayurveda Institute (UK)

020 8405 4407

Profile :
The Ayurveda Institute is an international school based in London which specialises in authentic, vocational and theoretical teaching of Ayurveda from the classical texts. Ayurveda is enjoying a global resurgence and is increasingly recognised as one of the most intelligent systems of healing known to man. At the Ayurveda Institute, we offer understanding of this vast system from the perspective of highly experienced and classically trained Ayurvedic physicians. We believe that the Ayurveda Institute offers the most authentic vocational and theoretical, classically derived training using the most modern teaching mediums. We deliver teaching that makes Ayurveda accessible and relevant to modern lifestyles.

Comments :
ETS offer excellent student support for well-crafted and easy to use courses. Their customer service is warm, efficient and reliable.



Alternatively Better

Tracy Farrell
0151 494 2277

Profile :
At Alternatively Better we pride ourselves in offering a personal approach to complementary and holistic training in a friendly and relaxed environment. Guaranteed small group sizes to provide an enjoyable learning experience and maximise your learning potential. Our recognised insurable and accredited courses are open to all ages and gender, and on many no experience is required. Whether you are an amateur, inspiring or experienced therapist who wishes to extend or refresh their skills, our friendly staff will guide you and give you the confidence to carry out some of the most popular treatments in the industry.

Comments :
Alternatively Better is delighted to be associated with ETS. Their on line course and resources are of an extremely high standard and great value for money. We look forward to a productive long-term relationship with them and their team of friendly caring supportive staff.



Aroma Shoppe Ltd

Jan Benham
01623 797100

Profile :
The Aroma Shoppe was established in 1986, originally as The Institut d'Aromatherapie to provide quality education and products in the field of Holistic studies and Natural Skin Care. We offer CAREER COURSES in the UK, Netherlands and Canada. The school offers a Holistic Health Practitioner Program, where you can learn how to become a Holistic Skin Care Practitioner, Reflexologist, Aromatherapist and much more. Learn how to make your own cosmetics with an accredited diploma course in cosmetic making. For the 'Do-it-Yourself' enthusiast, the Aroma Shoppe as well as supplying cosmetic making books, also supplies the equipment and packaging needed to make cosmetics such as lipstick molds and elegant lipstick tubes at wholesale prices from 1 to 10,000. For the fledging entrepreneur to the established business owner we help you every step of the way with wholesale prices. We also supply organic ingredients for making your own skin, hair and body care products, soap, natural lipsticks and mineral makeup.



Barnes School of Sports Therapy

Tanya Draper
01225 852391

Profile :
The Barnes School of Sports Therapy is a specialist training centre that delivers high quality vocational courses for professional careers in the sports and fitness industry. Our primary focus is on the training and the development of Sports Therapists, however, we have more recently expanded our portfolio of courses to include fitness instruction and first aid training. We offer a range of courses that are suitable for everyone, from people who are looking to gain an entry level qualification, to trained professionals who are looking to expand their skill base.



The Bayly School Of Reflexology

Nicola Hall
01886 821207

Profile :
The Bayly School Of Reflexology, founded in 1978 by the late Doreen Bayly, was the first Reflexology training school to be established in Great Britain. Mrs. Bayly is considered by many to have been the pioneer of Reflexology in Great Britain having introduced the method in the 1960’s. On Bayly School courses, students learn to give a reflexology treatment using the unique practical technique developed by Doreen Bayly which is taught by few other schools. Thousands worldwide have trained with The Bayly School, the official teaching body of The British Reflexology Association. Nicola Hall, who trained with Doreen Bayly, is Director of The Bayly School.

Comments :
ETS offer excellent training and support and are a pleasure to work with.

Body In Balance

Mariette Lobo
07770 800014

Profile :
In addition to providing a range of therapies to its clients, Body in Balance Training is also a registered, independent training provider for professional practitioners. It is also a Bayly School of Reflexology assessment centre. My aim is to provide world class learning to help my students achieve their full potential as therapists in a challenging yet secure and caring environment. My training school combines the best of traditional and modern methods to provide top quality courses. I offer internationally recognised qualifications for therapists looking to start (or who already run) their own practice. I deliver bespoke training courses that are specifically tailored to meet your needs and can create courses according to demand. I also teach courses for individuals who siimply want to broaden their knowledge, add a new skill or treat family and friends.

Comments :
I have used ETS teaching and learning products for a number of years and would recommend them very highly.  Not only are they well prepared and presented (providing excellent value!) but I have also come to value my relationship with the ETS team who have been, and continue to be, helpful and supportive at all times.


The College of Chinese Medicine

Paul Robin
07734 668402

Profile :
The College of Chinese Medicine runs Degree Level Diploma and Professional CPD training courses in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. The College was established in 1992 to promote the development and education in Traditional and Orthopaedic Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine modalities like Chinese Herbal medicine, Acupressure, Tuina, Scalp, Auricular, Hand, Cosmetic and Abdominal Microsystems. We wish to preserve and further develop its professional standing and integration into modern health care practice.

Comments :
The College of Chinese Medicine have been sending our students to complete the ETS online FHT Approved Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology course over the last 10 years. ETS have recently created a combined Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology Level 3 course on our request specifically to suit our students needs. We have only heard only good things about ETS courses from our students.


College of Oriental Body Balance

Hema O'Connor
01253 728035

Profile :
The college of OBB has a long standing history of providing accredited training courses within UK and overseas. We are fully insured with the UK's largest professional association for therapists - The Federation of Holistic Therapists. Who train with us: Therapists, Healthcare professionals, Personal trainers, Complimentary Med. BSc students, Chartered physiotherapists, Nurses, Homeopaths through to Spa & Leisure industries and Corporate organisations. Courses: KORE Consultants Diploma (Musculo-skeletal assessment & treatment system), Clinical Acupuncture (validated by Cumbria University), Anmo Fu (Deep Organ Massage), P4mance Training (Functional assessment & treatment system) Access course (looking for a career change?) and Cupping Therapy.

Comments :
KORE Therapy students have nothing more than given a positive feedback on ETS using the terms 'smooth transition', 'easy to access and understand', 'happy with course.


College of Bowen Studies

Paula Esson / Tina Alderson
01373 461 812 / 07780 900 283

Profile :
The college provide full training programs in the soft tissue remedial therapy called the Bowen Technique. Established for 27 years it has trained thousands of successful practitioners to provide professional clinics in the public arena, NHS, care homes, hospices and many others. The Bowen Technique is know for it's gentle approach and unique breaks during treatment , an area that is fascinating from a neuro science perspective. People chose Bowen as a treatment for many presentation across the musculo-skeletal fields, pain management, chronic pain as well as various organic and respiratoy reasons. it is growing in popularity for health professionals and people changing career.


Creating Balance

Jan Griffin
0780 500 4574

Profile :
Jan has been involved in caring and supporting roles for over 30 years on the Wirral. Supporting a diverse range of people during extremely difficult times in their lives. She ventured into holistic training and now hold a variety of holistic qualifications. Inspired by the changes in her life and the positive feedback she receives from clients, she can now support people in a truly holistic & person centred way. Reiki is her passion and Jan offers training that adheres to the high standards of professional organisations, adhering to the Reiki Council Core Curriculum for the Professional Practice of Reiki. The curriculum refers to and expands on the specific requirements of professional practice as described in the National Occupational Standards. Initially practising Reiki in Wallasey Wirral since 2002 then at Reiki Master Level since 2005, Jan witnessed the many benefits of Reiki both personally and professionally on all levels emotionally, physically and spiritually. Learning Level one Reiki supports personal lifestyle changes that can enhance your own wellbeing.

Comments :
ETS provide an extremely valued contribution to Creating Balance training courses, allowing us to focus on teaching Reiki.


Dreamstone Holistics Therapies & Training

Helen Jane Meyrick
0751 600 1947

Profile :
Dreamstone Holistics provides high quality, accredited training in energy healing subjects: Crystal Therapy at Intermediate, Certificate & Diploma levels, Reiki teaching up to Level 3 Master Teacher and instruction in Meditation techniques in venues within the South Wales area.

Comments :
It is important that students understand how the human body works on a physical level in order to comprehend the effects of energy healing and ETS Anatomy and Physiology courses provide a cost-effective and convenient option for students to study A&P and fulfill the requirements for the practitioner courses offered by DHTA.


Earthereal of Yorkshire

Lois Skilleter
07521 622756

Profile :
Earthereal of Yorkshire is the holistic practice and training academy of Lois Skilleter, therapist, teacher and Reiki Master, in Ilkley, Yorkshire. I offer accredited Practitioner Diploma Courses in a variety of holistic therapies including Reiki, massage, aromatherapy and ear candling, and welcome students at all levels and from all backgrounds. I teach just one or two students on each course, to ensure personal attention, friendly tuition and the opportunity for plenty of practical experience to ensure my students are able to work confidently and effectively to deliver their chosen therapies. I also offer ongoing support to all my students.

Comments :
I have recommended the ETS Anatomy and Physiology course to several of my students and am currently doing it myself as a refresher. Affordable and user friendly, it is one of the best online Anatomy and Physiology courses I have found.


Elemi training

Mandy Zeqiri
0208 300 8889

Profile :
We are are a FHT accredited training provider and offer training of the highest quality in holistic therapies. We offer comprehensive Level 3 qualifications in Body Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage as well as many CPD courses for the qualified therapist. All our courses are accredited by the FHT and fully insurable. Our tutors have over twenty years experience in teaching and practising holistic therapies.Their passion for these therapies shines through in their teaching. Small groups and a quiet relaxing environment enhance your learning experience.

Comments :
ETS provide our online training in Anatomy and Physiology and Pathologies. Core units in all our level 3 qualifications Our students find the courses and resources easy to use and very informative. Guidance and support is offered during their learning. As the training provider it is essential that we are able to keep track of our students progress and Chris and Sharon happily share this information when needed. We are so pleased we chose ETS when we decided to use online training for our core units. Professional and efficient we would highly recommend ETS to any training provider considering online training.


Energise Therapies and Training

Karin Douglas
0788 981 5165

Profile :
Energise! is the holistic and complementary therapies strand of Therapies Learning Centre, a VTCT approved centre offering professional, quality qualifications in beauty and complementary therapies, together with CPD opportunities for existing therapists. Our teachers hold the Teaching Qualification in Further Education and assessors and verifiers awards, and have a wealth of experience lecturing in the college setting. We aim to make therapy training at our centres in Glasgow and Lanarkshire accessible, rewarding, and fun!

Comments :
We're delighted to be ETS affiliates – the high quality online courses are perfect for our learners.

Fusion Massage Training®

Maureen Abson
0161 818 8108

Profile :
Fusion Massage Training® provides short and intensive massage courses allowing students to train to be effective practitioners. Fusion Massage blends techniques from both Eastern and Western massage into a powerful and effective modality. Anatomy and Physiology underpins the learning, students then complete reading at home before embarking on 7 days of intensive training, followed by case studies applying this learning. Our teachers are all active practitioners with busy clinics and we teach in the UK, Ireland, Mauritius, New Zealand, Israel and Spain. Our Mauritius courses are taught in French and English and we also offer courses in Russian in London.

Comments :
Fusion Massage Training® is delighted to be partnering with ETS to deliver the Anatomy and Physiology element of our training allowing students to access the course in their own time and with tutor support when needed.


Hands4Healing Training Centre and Complementary Therapy Practice

Diane Tyrrell
07792 423502 

Profile :
Hands4Healing Training Centre offers VTCT BABTAC accredited courses from courses offered on my website. Each course is  tailor made to your lifestyle and taught at your own pace either one to one or in small groups.  All costs can be paid in instalments. My complementary therapy practice is family run with my daughter who is a fully qualified beautician and makeup artist.  We offer a bespoke caring professional service of complementary therapies and beauty treatments that enhance our clients' wellbeing, relaxation and physical appearance. My expertise runs over 15 years, which is constantly kept up to date by further courses with professionally recognised organisations.

Comments :
ETS is a very professional caring organisation offering good customer support and a very quick service.


Holistic Beauty School

Julie Evans
078108 368871

Profile :
At Holistic Beauty School we are committed to providing high quality, professional training in holistic, massage and beauty to assist you in your day to day business. Our Diplomas are all accredited by the Association of Beauty Therapists (ABT) and can be taught in groups within the salon, at our training locations or on a 1:1 basis. All of our tutors are fully accredited, certified and have teaching qualifications to ensure that you get the most out of your training.


Holistic Health Therapist Ltd

Debbie Broadhurst
07834 558191

Profile :
Holistic Health Therapist Ltd is a community based organisation and was set up 7 years ago to offer professional complementary therapy treatments to customers at affordable prices. We are based above a busy GP surgery in central Salford and offer a range of complementary therapies including Reflexology and Reiki. We also offer training packages and further information can be found on our website. In addition we also have corporate contracts, under take onsite treatments and deliver Health and Wellbeing packages. Please contact us for further information.

Comments :
ETS offers an excellent range of training courses that are exceptionally good value for money. As a tutor I find ETS can offer the best range of flexible on line learning packages and students really enjoy learning with them.


Infinity Training Academy

Sue Masters
01530 812609 / 07971 987940 

Profile :
Infinity Training Academy offers excellence in the training of holistic, complementary and beauty therapy courses. We are an accredited and approved training provider for VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust) and FHT(Federation of Holistic Therapists) so all courses fully recognised and insurable. Courses are kept to a maximum of 6 learners blended with knowledgable and passionate tutors who hold over 80 years of experience combined promises the ultimate learning experience. A business opportunity awaits every learner who enrols onto our courses. A recent survey confirmed a massive 73% of students return. Come and find out why.


Instituto de Reflexología Facial Internacional de Lone Sorensen SL

Lone Suzana Sorensen
+34-932655700 / +34-678769550

Profile :
The International Institute of Facial Reflexology by Lone Sorensen, Denmark, -leading School since 1978, in the field of education of Facial Reflexology and Neuro- Reflexology, since 2000 teaching in 24 countries within 45 instructors, are now also offering WEBINAR and DISTANCE learning giving students the possibility to gain qualifications and experience for professional career in the area of Facial Reflexology in the comfort to study from home.


London College of Massage

Amanda Thorpe
020 7404 7404

Profile :
The London College of Massage was established in 1987 and is now based in Holborn. The LCM is dedicated to providing excellent training in massage therapy. The LCM offers courses from Introductory Weekends to the complete Massage Practitioner Diploma and attracts students from around the world. The LCM is a member of the British Complementary Medicine Association and graduates are accepted as members by several associations including the APNT and the FHT.

Comments :
We are very happy to be working with ETS. They provide a very professional & efficient service and would recommend them to any institute looking to expand into offering online courses. It was an effortless integration of their courses and our website and most important of all, the feedback from our students has been very positive


Louise Cardon

07745 747663

Profile :
Louise Cardon has been teaching the system of Reiki since 2008 and her students learn Reiki for self-care, to help family and friends and to prepare for a professional practice. The new guidelines from the Reiki Council emphasise a more professional attitude to training for working with the public, including as a volunteer, and Louise's courses provide both comprehensive training and ongoing support.


Mandala Complementary Studies

Sue Lilly
01591 610792

Profile :
Sue Lilly of Mandala Complementary Therapies has been training complementary practitioners for over thirty years and has been working as a kinesiologist and energy worker for over forty years. Experience has taught her that the unseen pressures of working with clients can build up over time and these reduce efficiency, resilience, quality of health, enjoyment and can lead eventually to burn-out. Having invested in good quality training it is important to be able to continue to practice for as long as wanted and in the best possible health. Divided into sections, this course describes and gives techniques to deal with personal energy protection and person-to-person issues. There are videos to see and audios to listen to, demonstrating processes such as grounding techniques, centre-line breathing, Cook’s hook up and thymus tapping and how to deal with people who drain your energy and people who are ace manipulators. This course is a must for all therapists. Students who train with Sue get this necessary information to help them with this as part of their courses. For others, this CPD course covers the diverse range of topics that can help you maintain your energetic health - the area of your own wellbeing that carries the invisible costs of dealing with clients, the costs that are often being underestimated, missed or ignored. Although this course was initially intended for therapists and students, it is also relevant to anyone who is very sensitive to other people and their surroundings and anyone who deals with other people as part of their day to day life. There are two versions of this course. The information you receive in both is identical. However, one gives you the option of taking a short reflective assignment at the end. This assignment is emailed to Mandala Complementary Therapies. Once it has been reviewed you will receive feedback, a certificate will be emailed to you and you will receive 5 CPD points. This certified version is accredited by the FHT. In both cases you receive a link to your download on the sales order confirmation that is automatically generated and emailed to you when you place your order. You can therefore get started immediately!

Comments :
ETS Anatomy and Physiology courses have been so welcome. They have freed us up to teach our specialities and given students choice as to when and where they complete that part of the practitioner requirements.


Pathways Reflexology

Angela Sellens Drake
01603 503794 & 07948129273

Profile :
Pathways Reflexology is a centre specialising in high quality reflexology training and practice. Angela has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of reflexology and offers treatments and training in foot, hand and facial reflexology. She set up Pathways School of Reflexology in 1996 to run accredited, professional training courses. The school also offers a number of advanced courses and workshops for the practising therapist. Pathways Reflexology is an authorised school in UK for supporting webinar and distance learning courses of the International Institute of Facial Reflexology. Angela teaches in England and Canada.

Comments :
Pathways Reflexology is happy to be working with ETS, our online training partner for Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. We have been very impressed with the quality of courses and support for students. ETS provide a professional service with a caring, personal touch. Thank you!


Penny Price Aromatherapy Ltd

Ellie Dunmore
01455 251020

Profile :
Established in 2003, the Penny Price Academy prides itself on its excellent delivery of aromatherapy and complementary therapy courses. You can join us as a complete novice or as a trained therapist for our modular therapy courses to suit you. The Academy has won awards both for excellence in Complementary Therapy and Aromatherapy Courses and for student support. You can be assured that you will have the opportunity to engage with professional, lively tutors who are dedicated to your training needs and progress. The Academy is accredited for its Complementary Therapy and Aromatherapy Courses, ensuring your peace of mind and guarantee of success.

Comments :
Penny Price Aromatherapy is proud to be working with and affiliated with ETS. Chris and Sharon are both professional, friendly and have been helpful throughout. Our tutors and students love our new high quality on-line training system through ETS and we look forwards to happy and productive future with them.


Professional Shiatsu School

Fernando Cabo
0208 694 6064

Profile :
Established in 2013, the Professional Shiatsu School is the only school in the UK whose therapeutic shiatsu is based on the official shiatsu massage in Japan (Nippon or Namikoshi shiatsu). Subjects taught at the school include: relaxation shiatsu, therapeutic shiatsu, pregnancy shiatsu, shiatsu in hospitals and sotai ho.

It is also the only shiatsu school where professional training in sotai is included in the programme, and it is taught from the beginning. The school is run by Fernando Cabo, honorary shiatsu practitioner at Whipps Cross and St Barts hospitals, and chair and researcher at the Shiatsu Research Foundation.

Comments :
ETS have the best online anatomy, physiology and pathology courses I have ever seen. The ease of navigation, and the clear presentation of the subject matter makes learning much easier. I don’t think there is a better or easier way to tackle these subjects.

Southport Therapy Services for Holistic & Aesthetic Health

Angela Erving
07591 878801

Profile :
A specialised Treatment and Training Consultancy we believe passionately that wellbeing is in your hands. MASSAGE   REFLEXOLOGY   DERMAL CARE   AROMATHERAPY   BEAUTY. 1:1, on-site, pamper functions and Rural wellbeing retreats. Practitioner Training, Workshops & Presentations. Early Bird 8.30am - Twilight 10.30pm close. Weekends and Bank Holidays available. Appointments made in advance on an individual basis. Angela Erving has 10 years dedication, and experience in promoting ethical wellbeing. Angela’s qualifications include Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Honours Degree in Health, internationally recognized Holistic & Aesthetic Qualifications, and, recently, Ayurvedic Certificate obtained in Goa, India, assuring you of unrivalled expertise and authenticity whether receiving treatments or training.

Comments :
ETS have always offered me a friendly and personal reliable service, for both me and my students, in my capacity for my own CPD and as a training provider, their website is easy to navigate with clear info, and I am really excited about the revival of the CMS for my therapy business!


TEACH Therapy - Complementary Therapy Training

Donna Thomas
02920 591118

Profile :
TEACH Therapy offer 29 FHT Accredited courses and also Bach Centre Approved Flower Remedy courses, we have courses for beginners who are interested in joining the Complementary Health profession and also for qualified Massage and Reflexology practitioners who would like to advance and extend their skills. We have a fantastic team of 8 qualified and experienced tutors who are experts in their field.

The Yoga People

Lucy Allen
+31 616 33 12 74

Profile :
The Yoga People are a community of teachers and cooperating studios founded by RYT500 Hours teachers Jamie Clarke & Dulce Aguilar. Since 2001, they have been practicing yoga, training teachers and sharing the yoga love with classes, retreats, workshops and teacher trainings. To date, more than 350 students have become Yoga Alliance certified teachers on their global, accredited programs at the 200-hour foundation and 500-hour advanced levels. They are committed to developing the most excellent and insightful teachers, offering a holistic approach to learning and nourishing personal development.

Comments :
ETS have been excellent, providing The Yoga People and our students with exceptional service and support. They were very helpful and flexible in helping us to tailor the online training and requirements to fit the needs of our program. Thank you ETS!

Vitality Holistic Massage and Beauty Training

Susan Davis
07708 995 892

Profile :
Vitality Holistic Massage and Beauty Training was established in 2009 by Susan Davis. Located in Rothwell, Northants NN14 6AY it is a small school offering many one, two and three day Holistic and Beauty Therapy courses. Most courses are taught on a “one to one” so we do not advertise specific training days, preferring to offer our students flexibility. Teaching on a “one to one” has its advantages as students benefit from our undivided attention, taking their training at their own pace. A model is provided, so excellent feedback is given and the student can leave feeling competent and confident.

Comments :
Many of our students have studied Anatomy and Physiology with Essential Training and have thoroughly enjoyed the course. It provides them with a good understanding of the human body and how it works and the learning process has been informative and fun. They felt totally supported and came away with a qualification that has enabled them to pursue careers as Complementary Therapists. As a training provider who does not offer A and P I feel that the FHT course is excellent value for money and a wonderful resource. I recommend it to all my students as the number one on line course for an Anatomy and Physiology qualification

Thai Massage Training Scotland

Lucy Trend

Profile :
Would you like to become professionally qualified to give relaxing yet deep body work in the traditional style of northern Thailand? Thai Massage Training Scotland offers a unique opportunity to train for a variety of courses in traditional eastern therapies and Well Mother pregnancy specialisations. Courses for beginners, diploma level, and advanced level: Thai Yoga Massage Diploma, Traditional Thai Therapies, Thai Foot Massage Diploma, On-site Seated Acupressure Massage Diploma, Thai Hot Herbal Compress Massage, Traditional Abdominal Massage, Beginners & Advanced Courses, Thai Massage Techniques for Yoga Teachers, Well Mother Massage for Pregnancy Diploma and Well Mother Shiatsu for Birth Professionals

Comments :
ETS provide an extremely valued contribution to our training courses. Whilst we specialise in teaching the Thai therapies, ETS specialise in the subjects of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Health and Safety which are vital for the professional therapist. The online courses are ideal, you can achieve these qualifications in your own time, and on your own terms, with expert support available.

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